China Sends Warships Into Pacific Threatening Japan

The tension in the China sea has been extremely dangerous in recent years. With North Korea testing its long-range ballistic missiles to the volatile behaviour of China in the East China sea, the neighbours are expecting a provocation. Recently China has sent warships into the pacific threatening Japan’s territorial integrity.

Russian & Chinese Warships Spotted Months Ago Near Japan

Destroyers And Surveillance Ships

According to Japan’s Defense Ministry, the Chinese Lhasa and Kaifeng destroyers were seen approaching the Osumi Strait in south Japan, including and a replenishment ship. Another Chinese surveillance ship sailed through Miyako Strait near Japanese Okinawa Island.

Japan’s Security Moves

Japan has recently announced that it’ll double its military spendings in the next five years amid tensions in the region. The Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, told reporters that, by 2027, Japan’s defence spending would approach 2% of GDP.

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