Russian Spacecraft Unexpectedly Leaked Stream Of Liquid

Russian Soyuz spacecraft faced a problem in space after a leak was reported in the spacecraft. A video shared by NASA webcast showed liquid type particles emanating from the surface of the Russian spacecraft.

Spacewalk Cancelled

The incident led to the cancellation of the spacewalk that was scheduled to take place today. A routine spacewalk was aborted when flight controllers noticed the leak of liquid rushing out from the Soyuz spacecraft. The international space station (ISS) abroad has seven members, including three from Russia, three from the US and one from Japan. However the incident posed no threat to the lives of any member of the space station, according to NASA.

Implications Of Leak

The reason could not be verified by space authorities, but the incident was under investigation. One of NASA’s commentators described the incident “as a coolant leak”. Furthermore, It was too early to speculate if the leak will pose any danger to the spacecraft’s return journey, Rob Navias, NASA’s live stream commentator said.

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