Climate Change Will Accelerate Conflicts In 2023

A report shows that climate change may further increase the humanitarian crisis around the world in 2023. Issues like armed conflict and economic downturns will spiral further, if not timely controlled by International actors. The report has not only focused on the natural aspect of climate change but also includes social and political aspects.

339.2 Million Need humanitarian Aid

The report was published by an NGO, International Rescue Committee (IRC), led by David Miliband, an ex-UK politician. Climate change is the primary factor increasing the global humanitarian crisis around the world, according to the paper. Just a decade ago, those in need of humanitarian aid has increased drastically from 81 million to 339.2 million. 

Global North Has To Acknowledge

The report has listed 20 countries that are more vulnerable despite emitting only 2% of the global CO2 emissions. The gap between how much is required for the poorer countries to mitigate and the amount being financed has grown to a deficit of $27 billion in 2022.

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