UK, Italy And Japan To Develop Next-Generation Fighter Jets

Uk, Italy and Japan look to jointly develop advanced high tech fighter jets. The decision comes at a crucial time and may help partners confront the expanding military strength of its larger adversaries, in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and increasing Chinese military action near Japan and Taiwan. 

The Tempest Fighter Jet

The jet, Tempest fighter jet, will be ready to take off by 2035. It will have the capacity to fire hypersonic missiles featuring advanced digital capabilities in AI and cyber warfare. Italy’s Leonardo, Britain’s BAE Systems PLC and Japan’s Mitsubishi will be leading the way on the design of the future fighter jet. It is anticipated that the jet would be able to travel faster than sound.

Security And Economics

With security, the deal also has the economic side for the UK. It is hoped that creating a new fighter jet will lead to the maintenance and growth of thousands of jobs in the UK and additional opportunities for arms exports.

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