Knife Attacker Kills School Girl In Germany

In southern Germany, two girls, on their way to school, were attacked by a man with a knife. A 14-year-old girl died, while a 13-year-old girl has suffered significant injuries. Both the girls were transferred to the hospital where the older one died due to injuries. 

Candles And Flowers At The Crime Scene

The Suspect Arrested

A 27-year-old guy was arrested by German police, who said he was an Eritrean seeking refuge. The suspect came out of a refugee camp in a nearby Illerkirchberg village and attacked both the schoolgirls. After the attack, the suspect went back to the refugee shelter where the police found him after a brief investigation.

Police And Forensic Investigators At The Crime Scene

Right Wing Blame Immigrants

The right-wing populist political party in Germany,  AfD , blamed the immigrants and Germany’s immigration policy for failing to protect little girls. In response to the accusations, the police responded by rejecting the speculations as the reasons are “completely unclear so far.”

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