Construction Of Largest Telescope In The World Underway

Construction for the world’s largest radio-astronomy observatory is underway. The largest telescope will be constructed over vast areas in Australia and Africa. It will gather radio signals generated by celestial objects to provide answers to some of astronomy’s most puzzling questions.


The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will have an estimated 131,000 antennas, each two-meter-tall will make up the SKA-Low telescope in Australia. The objective is to have a successful collection area that is several hundred thousand square meters in size, in western Australia and South Africa’s Northern Cape. It will run the most accurate experiments to verify Einstein’s theories and perhaps look for extra-terrestrial life in space.

30 Year Journey

The construction will be completed by 2028, according to the experts involved. The Square Kilometer Array is the result of 30 years of hard work. The primary function of the telescope will be to investigate the history of hydrogen, the universe’s most prevalent element.

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