Scientists Are Trying to Create Male Contraceptives

Recent research has revealed that scientists are trying to create male contraceptives. Birth control and Contraceptives has mostly revolved around women, with men mostly excluded from the discussion. But the hunt is on, for male contraceptives, as evident from the recent study.

The Study

The experiment has 450 worldwide couples and they’ll have to apply a certain type of gel containing Nestorone and Testosterone. The study is going to take 2 years and the participants will be studied to reveal drops in their sperm production. The participants will also be paid after the study. Men will have to visit the clinic 31 times, and women, only 10 times during the entire study.

Topical Gel To Stop Sperms

The center of the study is a “topical gel”, . The gel contains synthetic hormones that signals the brain to reduce the body’s testosterone levels. These hormones are a mix of testosterone and progestin. The testes then generate fewer and fewer sperm since testosterone is required for sperm to mature.

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