US Airforce Unveils New B-21 Nuclear Bomber

US Air Force has revealed its new high tech stealth B-21 Nuclear bomber. The brand-new bomber costs close to $700 million each and be equipped to carry both nuclear and conventional missiles. The Air force has not disclosed any further information about the specifications of the new bomber.

Almost Impossible To Detect

Even the most advanced Air defence systems will struggle to identify the B-21 in the skies, according to US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin. The latest machine can carry both conventional and nuclear weapons. Bloomberg estimates that it will cost $203 billion (£165 billion) to build, acquire, and operate the fleet over a 30-year period. The B-21 bomber will ultimately replace the B-1 and B-2 bombers with more advanced technology.

Pilot-less Flights

The US Air Force stated that although there hasn’t been a decision to fly without a crew, the B-21 is capable of taking to the skies without a pilot.

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