Biden Says It Is Time To End Ukraine War With Putin

US president Joe Biden recently said that he is willing to talk to Putin to end the war in Ukraine. Although he has no immediate plans to speak with Vladimir Putin, he is willing to do so if he expresses interest in putting an end to the conflict in Ukraine, in consultation with the NATO allies. 

French President Agreed

While speaking to the media alongside the French President, Biden said that he is willing to talk to end the war but has not yet made any contact with Putin. French President Macron was also determined that he and Mr. Biden would never pressurize the Ukrainians to reach a settlement “that would not be acceptable to them,” Macron said.

US Conditions Unacceptable

Press secretary for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Russia was not ready to accept conditions put forward by Biden. “He (Biden) said that negotiations are possible only after Putin leaves Ukraine,” Dmitry Peskov said.

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