Iranian Protesters Celebrate As Iran Lost To US In Football World Cup

The protests have been going on for the past 10 weeks amid the football world cup in Qatar. Following their 1-0 loss to the United States, anti-regime demonstrators in Iran are now celebrating their country’s national football team’s elimination from the World Cup. Anti-regime protestors refused to support Iranian football team for representing Iranian brutal regime.

“Death To The Dishonourable”

Multiple videos from Tuesday night in Tehran and other towns showed people dancing in the streets and honking their cars’ horns to celebrate their team’s elimination from the world cup. Students of Imam Sadiq university in Tehran chanted “Death To The Dishonourable” in response to the brutal repression of protests by Iranian regime.

Protests Reached Qatar

After the game on Tuesday, there was also a brawl between government opponents and supporters outside the Al Thumama Stadium in Qatar. A man wearing a T-shirt that said “Woman, life, freedom” in English was pushed and shouted at by pro-regime men carrying Iranian flags as it was reported on camera by Danish journalist Rasmus Tantholdt. 

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