Violence In Brussels After Belgium Lost Against Morocco In The World Cup

A world cup is a moment of joy and entertainment, but for some, it may take violent forms to overcome the feeling of sorrow. Chaotic scenes were reported from Belgium’s capital after it lost in a football world cup match against Morocco. The police had to use water cannons and tear gas to disperse the crowd rioting on the streets right after the match. 

A Major Upset

Morocco’s win at the World Cup was a major upset for Belgium, and fans with Moroccan immigrant roots enthusiastically celebrated it. While many were peaceful, some of the supporters of Belgium turned violent and confronted the police in return and police had to use means to disperse them. So far, no casualties have been reported as the protestors only targeted the infrastructure on the streets.

The Situation Is Under Control

Police had to use strict measures to take things under control. “The situation is under control, but our police forces remain mobilized,” Brussels Mayor Philippe tweeted. Police arrested 11 people involved in the riots.

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