Massive Protests Across China Called Upon President Xi Jinping To Step Down

China is in the midst of chaos as the country’s leadership is facing a serious challenge from the protests that erupted all across the country in recent days. People all across several provinces called for freedom and called for an end to strict covid measures.

What Led To it?

It all started when a fire broke out in the residential area of Urumqi on 22 November. The fire broke out on the 15th floor of a building and later spread to the 17th floor killing 10 people and injuring many. Inhaling hazardous vapors resulted in deaths and injuries, and those patients were taken to the hospital. People blamed the government’s strict covid policies for the fire as people couldn’t go outside and no help arrived on time.

Down With Xi Jinping

The protesters called upon the Chinese communist leadership to step down. People were heard loudly yelling “Xi Jinping, step down” and “Communist party, step down” at the rally in Shanghai, China’s largest metropolis and a major international financial center.

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