Avian Flu Killed More Than 50 Million Birds In The US

The recent outbreak of the virus is the deadliest in the history of the US. The death of millions of birds describes the catastrophe unleashed upon the population of birds all across the country. The Avian flu is generally caused by infection with avian influenza Type A viruses. Humans are immune to the viruses that infect birds.

50.54 Million Birds Dead

Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 50.54 million birds are dead due to the Avian flu. The same outbreak in 2015 killed around 50.5 million birds across the country. The report also added that 46 states of the United States have been infected so far, since the inception of the virus in February. 

Scorching Inflation

The death of millions of birds has caused the prices of related commodities to record high. The death of millions of birds has forced the markets to sell it on higher prices to mitigate losses.

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