Over 20,000 Died In Summer Heat Waves In Europe

One of the biggest threats from climate change is the ‘heat waves’. Each year, thousands of deaths are caused due to high temperatures around the world, many of which go unreported. Recent report shows that more than 20,000 died in western Europe in this year’s summer.

Hottest Summer On Record

The summer of 2022 was the hottest summer on record with temperatures hitting the 44°C mark in some regions. As we continue to emit greenhouse gasses, it increases the risk of warming up the planet even further without stopping at a certain point, causing heat waves across the planet. The recent heat waves are human-induced, with human emission being the sole reason, according to Dr. Eunice Lo, from the University of Bristol.

Total Deaths

Western Europe alone reported more than 20,00 deaths due to heat waves. Out of the total, 10,420 were reported in France, 4,655 from Spain and 4,500 from Germany.

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