Hungry Bats Will Cause Another Worldwide Pandemic

The new study suggests that starving bats can shed more deadly viruses that can affect both humans and animals. The findings of the new research can help the scientists to make new vaccines prior to global outbreaks. The scientists of the recent study, concentrated on the Hendra virus, which kills 75% of the horses infected by the virus.

The Megatbats

The recent study was conducted by the Australian scientists focusing primarily on flying foxes. They found that the ‘megabats’, usually having three feet long wings, spill more viruses when they are starving. The flying foxes tend to be immune to the pathogens they carry because of their strong immune system.

Climate Change

The researchers concluded that climate change could be the primary driver of future pandemics. The deforestation and global warming has recently reached new heights as the trees are either cut down or they produce fewer flowers or food for the bats. This has forced bats to travel to other regions mostly populated by humans in search of food. That is how they come in contact with other mammals.

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