Scientists Claim Running Reduces Risk Of Cancer By 72%

Physical activities have always been central to living a healthy life. New research published in the Europe PMC journal has revealed that running can significantly reduce the chances of some cancers. Running or any sort of aerobic activity decreases the risk of certain cancers by 72%, according to Israeli scientists.

Starving The Tumors

The study was conducted by Levy and Dr. Yftach Gepner, Tel Aviv University of Israel. The study concluded that any exercise that involves physical activity pushes out sugar from parts of the human body starving the potential tumors in the cells. This makes it harder for cancer cells to grow. The study focused primarily on metastatic cancers. Metastatic cancer is a type of cancer that spreads to different parts of the body. The researchers also indicated that running and other physical activities can help in primary tumors too.

Exercise Blocks The Spread

Prof. Carmit Levy indicated that exercise blocks the spread of the virus by creating a hostile environment for cancer inside our body. “Exercise changes the whole body so that cancer cannot spread.” She said.

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