Donald Trump To Run For The President In 2024

It is confirmed that the former president will run for the president’s office in 2024. In his speech, he categorically said that he will run for the presidency. Trump has been criticized by his fellow republicans after losing the Senate in the midterm elections. Melania Trump, Donald Trump’s wife, later joined him on the stage when he was speaking to the audience.

Making America Great

While speaking to the audience in the ballroom of his Mar-a-Lago club, he criticized Biden’s first few years of presidency. “We have to save our country,” Trump said. This is Trump’s third consecutive presidential bid. His speech, as usual, consisted of boasting about his administration before Biden and talking about issues most important to the conservatives, such as crime and immigration. 

Biden’s Response

Meanwhile, the US president, Joe Biden is in Bali, Indonesia. When asked about whether he or not he will react to Trump’s rhetoric back home, he said “No, not really”. Joe Biden laughed last week when he was asked what he thought about Trump’s support base. 

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