World Population To Hit 8 Billion, Projected By The UN

The world population hit the 7 billion landmark just 11 years ago. There are 7 billion more people on the planet as compared to 1800, when the population was only 1 billion. Four months back, the UN predicted that the population of our world will reach the 8 billion post by the middle of November.

Historic Milestone

António Guterres, the UN secretary general, mentioned in a statement that 8 billion is a historic milestone in human history as it is an evidence of  improved scientific advancements in medicine, public health and nutrition. Humans couldn’t think of achieving such a milestone back in the old days when diseases were more frequent and untreatable. 

The Declining Population

There is an opposite problem in the wealthiest and richest nations at the moment. On one hand, the world population just crossed the 8 billion mark and on the other hand, the US, Europe, Japan, and China, all are facing the problem of “population collapse”.

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