Biden’s Democrats Maintained Control Over The Senate

In the recent midterm elections, the democrats have managed to seal control over the senate. Biden’s democrats are now controlling 50 seats in the senate. The results have gone opposite to the predictions about the midterm elections. Months before the midterms, many predicted the decline of the democrats which did not happen.

The Red Wave

Many Republicans were expecting a “red wave”, a phrase they used in reference to their own party’s victory, in the midterms. They were expecting both the houses of the congress to fall under their control. The republicans have a slight majority in the house of representatives at the moment. The democrats are now in control of the senate after the victory in Nevada.

50th Or 51st Seat

Both the parties will have an equal share if Raphael Warnock, Democratic Senator loses on 6 December. If the democrats were to win the Georgia seat, they’ll have a 51-49 majority in the senate.

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