Study Suggests Vitamin D Deficiency Can Cause Early Death

New research has suggested that a lack of vitamin D can lead to early death. Vitamin D is responsible for calcium, and phosphate regulation in the body that keeps our bones and muscles healthy. People with regular exposure to the sun, which is the easiest source of vitamin D, have a lower risk of dying earlier than those with low exposure to the sun.

The Research Study

The research was conducted by the University of South Australia. The record of 300,000 participants was taken from UK Biobank. A leading figure in the research, Josh Sutherland mentioned that there is a strong link between mortality and vitamin D. The researchers noticed after going through the profiles of all the participants that those with lower concentrations of vitamin D died earlier than others.

Vitamin D Sources

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin that is available on the earth in abundance. Our sun is the primary source of vitamin D. Other than the sun we can acquire vitamin D by consuming salmon, orange juice, cow milk, oatmeal, tuna, etc. 

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