China: Schools Closed As Covid Increased In Key Province

The covid virus has once again resurfaced in an important Chinese province. Guangdong is a southeastern province located on the coasts of China. The surge in the covid cases has caused fear among the citizens and the authorities as the virus may have modified itself and caused more damage.

Schools And Businesses Closed

The authorities have closed the non-essential businesses in 8 out of 11 provinces. The schools have also been shut down in the 8 districts due to a surge in the covid cases. It’s not clear when the businesses will remain closed in one of the most prosperous provinces in China. 

The Covid App

What’s really interesting is the Chinese Covid application that tracks the movement of Chinese citizens. Any venue can deny entry if the application doesn’t show negative covid test results in the past three days. The authorities in Guangdong province have strictly reinforced the application to be used by every citizen to prevent the spread of the disease.

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