Report Shows Apple Spying On Users Through App Store

Privacy has come under discussion once again as a latest report shows Apple spying on its users. Apple’s iPhone has always been considered one of the safest phones but the recent report shocked everyone. The report mentions that Apple tracks every more of its users very precisely.

The App Store

According to Apple, once a user turns off the analytics settings, then he is not being tracked anymore. But the researchers of the report Tala Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk contradict Apple’s claim.  Both of them said that Apple continued to track even when the Analytics settings were turned off. 

Apple Tracks Every Tap

According to the report, Apple seems to be storing data each time its user taps on the screen. The information included app visits, IDs , ads etc. The researchers tested an iphone with the latest update, iOS 16, also sending packets of data to Apple web addresses. . 

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