Lifespan Is Correlated With Lung Capacity

Throughout our entire life, we’ve heard that breathing is just about inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide out. But it’s more than that, recent research suggests that how you breathe could have an impact on your lifespan & mental health.

Brain And Breathing Are Related

Professor Micah Allen from the Clinical Medicine department at Aarhus University with his group of researchers developed and concluded the study. They mentioned that difficulty in breathing is associated with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Our brains are more likely to function at ease when we are breathing due to neurons firing while breathing. Breathing goes far beyond survival only and “impacts our emotions, our attention, and how we process the outside world,” Professor Micah Allen said.

Future Targets

This recent research can initiate new studies in the respective field and researchers can set new future targets. The researchers of this study have said that they will continue with the research to come up with more exciting discoveries. 

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