Having More Babies Can Decrease Risk Of Uterine Cancer

The latest research in Australia has revealed that having more babies can lower the risk of a cancer known as Uterine Cancer or endometrial cancer. A type of cancer that begins in the cells present in the side layers of the uterus.

Overview Of The Study

The study was conducted by the University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience. UOQ is among the world’s top 50 universities. The study was supervised by Shannon D’Urso and Dr. Gunn-Helen Moen. The research mentioned that 50% of the mentioned cancer risk can be reduced if a woman has at least 3 babies as compared to none. “The more time a woman spends pregnant is associated with lower risk of the disease,” Dr. Moen said.

Obesity, A Factor

The study also revealed that obesity is also one of the factors that can increase the risk of cancer. Dr. Moen said that the cases are increasing worldwide and that is because of an increasing BMI which can significantly put women at risk of endometrial cancer.

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