US Nuclear Chief Warns About China’s Nuclear Weapons Program

China is developing its nuclear weapons at a faster rate than the US, according to a recent statement by The Commander of US Strategic Command. The development is dangerous amid intense security competition between China and the US over Taiwan. Charles Richard called it a “near-term problem,” as China continues to threaten regional security.

‘Ship Is Slowly Sinking’

The Commander has termed the situation dangerous for the status quo. “The ship is slowly sinking,” he said while talking to an audience in his speech at the Naval Submarine League’s Annual Symposium. By ‘sinking ship’, he meant the speedy emergence of China. The Commander’s remarks were published 2 days later because the event was closed to the general public.

The Number 1 Competitor

The National Security Strategy labeled China as the priority of the US to counter on the world stage. Joe Biden’s administration made it clear that only China has the capacity to challenge the US “militarily, economically, technologically and diplomatically,”

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