Does Chewing Gum Boosts Oral Health?

Chewing gum is central to any talk which involves dental or oral health. It’s because of the frequent use of it by the general public. While it can lessen your stress levels, there are other dimensions to the frequent use of chewing gum.

Tooth Decay

Chewing gum can cause tooth decay as most of the gums to have sugar. The quantity of sugar in chewing gum makes the tooth vulnerable to acid and bacteria attacks that can cause dental caries. Dental caries is the loss of tooth substances such as enamel and dentine, caused by acid production. On the other hand, chewing gum can decrease the risk of oral diseases if sugar-free gums are used. Gums that have Xylitol can even encourage healthier gums.

Plaque And Dry mouth

Chewing gum can decrease the chances of plaque. It reduces the risk of plaque by smartly removing it from the teeth. On the other hand, chewing gum encourages saliva production to reduce the dryness of the mouth.

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