How Does China’s Zero Covid Policy Work?

Covid confronted our planet with a new reality for the past 3 years. The coronavirus which emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan gripped the world’s biggest economies 3 years ago. China is still pursuing its strict covid policy which has been largely criticized for its economic dimension.

What Is Zero Covid Policy

China assumes that it’s almost unavoidable to eradicate the covid virus due to its radical changes in structures, as in the Omicron variant and its exponential growth. Zero Covid Policy consists of two dynamic stages, The first is prevention and the second phase is containment. It’s an overall dynamic process. Prevention is all about detecting the virus through different means like PCR testing. On the other hand, containment focuses on breaking the chain of transmission which includes lockdowns. 

Negative Effects

The lockdowns also bring with their negative impacts on the people. Last week, in the city of Xining, hundreds of residents protested due to food shortages triggered by lockdowns. The lockdowns are extremely dangerous for businesses in other cities in China at the moment. 

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