Asteroids Big Enough To Destroy Earth Detected

Three asteroids have been found in close proximity to Earth, two of which are potentially dangerous and huge enough to be “planet killers,” but don’t worry, says a NASA specialist, they aren’t likely to harm us.

The three asteroids, which are part of a group located inside the orbits of Earth and Venus, were previously undetected through telescope owing to the glare and brightness of the sun, according to results published in the peer-reviewed Astronomical Journal on Monday.

According to the National Science Foundation’s NOIRLab, an international team of astronomers examined the asteroids using a dark energy camera from a Victor M. Blanco 4-meter Telescope after waiting until dusk at a Chilean observatory.

According to researchers, the largest asteroid is the most dangerous object to pose a serious risk to Earth in the last eight years. Even though one of the asteroids, 2022 AP7, has an orbit that may someday cross Earth’s path, it is just around a mile across. However, according to the journal’s results, a timeline is questionable.

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