COP27: World’s Climate Conference And Why Is It Important?

COP27, is an abbreviation for ‘Conference of the Parities‘. It is held every year and the objectives are set for the countries to achieve amid the dangerous impacts of Climate change. This year’s conference will be held in Egypt on the 6th of November. 

Why Is It Important?

Our world is heating at an extremely fast rate. Nothing of the sort has been noticed in the past human history. Sea levels are rising, Glaciers are melting, Wildfires are more frequent, proportions floodings, extinction of species, diseases, and whatnot. The climate crisis needs a collective response from world leaders. For this exact purpose, world leaders have been sitting together to come up with plans to reverse or at least mitigate the consequences. 

The Agenda

So far only 25 countries have submitted national climate plans. COP27 will focus on reducing greenhouse gasses, assisting poor economies to mitigate the impacts, and the reduction in the burning of fossil fuels. 

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