China Has 54 Police Stations Around The World Including US

The Chinese government has been accused of establishing more than 50 police stations around the world, ‘across five continents and 21 countries. The recent revelations were disclosed by the Dutch Foreign ministry. It has been reported that China has 2 police stations which were illegal in the Netherlands.

‘Overseas Service Stations’

The Chinese officials have rejected the allegations calling them misleading. The police stations were disguised as ‘Overseas Service Stations’. The report suggested that the purpose of such police stations, apparently, was to provide diplomatic assistance to Chinese dissidents around the world. But, in reality, the police stations were being used as silencing the Chinese dissidents who were critical of the Chinese mainland authoritarian regime.

Stations Violate territorial integrity

Outposts like these violate the host country’s sovereignty and are illegal according to International Law. Such police stations are being used to police the Chinese living in other countries which can bypass the host country’s judicial procedures. 

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