Science Shows How Climate Change Negatively Affects Our skin

Our planet is changing and its dangerous. Scientists have been warning for many decades about the consequences that are going to unleash upon humanity if humans keep on emitting dangerous gases into the environment.

Skin Is Highly Sensitive

Skin is considered to be the physical barrier between the external environment and the internal body. ‘‘Skin is especially vulnerable to climatic factors,’’ the study revealed. The increasing temperature around the world has very adverse consequences for the health of living beings as our skin balances the body temperature. Constant Heat Waves caused by global warming undermine the skin’s ability to manage the internal temperature leading to strokes and even death.

Major Threat To Our Health

The study argued that climate change is ‘‘this century’s greatest threat to global health’’. Climate change has unleashed every disease and destroyed our natural capacity to resist these diseases. Scientists consider climate change to be the main driving force behind future pandemics

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