Excessive Desk Work Can Alter Brain Performance

For years, people have linked fatigue and exhaustion with the physical work they do because of the obvious nature of the job. Desk work which mostly involves static body positioning and constant concentration may lead to abnormal brain functioning, the latest study published by The National Center for Biotechnology Information suggests.

Glutamate Build Up

The researchers mentioned that jobs that require constant and intense focus like desk work can lead to a build-up of a toxic chemical known as Glutamate. When accumulated in larger quantities, it can alter the brain’s normal function leading to stress and fatigue. The extra amount of the substance alters the region of the brain involved in making decisions called the lateral prefrontal cortex.

Glutamate, A Toxic By-product

Engaging nerve cells involved in work that requires high focus requires energy and in return, it produces a by-product called Glutamate. The substance is eliminated from the body when we sleep. The accumulation of the substance alters our decision-making ability, the study concluded.

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