Talk Therapy May Help In Reducing Dementia And Depression

Dementia is a mental disorder that significantly reduces a person’s memory and affects the daily activities of the concerned individual. It is one of the leading causes of death among older people in the United States alone. The latest study suggests that talk therapy can remarkably reduce the risk of depression and anxiety in people with dementia.

The Talk Therapy And Dementia

The study was conducted by University College London where data was collected from 2,515,402 participants. Among the participants, 1,549 had dementia. The study concluded that 63% of participants showed positive outcomes after the talk therapy indicating low levels of depression and anxiety. 40% of the participants said that the symptoms of depression disappeared completely.

What Is Talk Therapy?

Talk therapy is a set of techniques that mental health professionals use to communicate with patients. The purpose of such techniques is to enable the patients to point out the problems and later on overcome the emotional distress and anxiety.

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