Coal Mine Explosion Killed 40 In Turkey

Coal mine explosion has killed 40 In northern Turkey. Many have not yet been evacuated and the rescue work is in process. The explosion has also injured more than 10 so far. 45 workers have been rescued in the entire evacuation process and the search for others is currently underway. The explosion took place inside state-owned Turkish Hard Coal Enterprises.

Investigation Is Underway

An investigation has been initiated by Turkish authorities to find the possible reason behind the explosion. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was on his way to the province and tweeted that an investigation has been initiated and possible causes of the blast will be revealed. The explosion occurred 300m deep underground.

The explosion happened in Northern Turkey

Possible Reasons

Some Turkish officials have revealed that the blast could be the effect of the volatile mixture formed by methane found deep inside the coal mine. It is the second deadly explosion that has happened in Turkey in the last decade.

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