Russia Army Will Be Wiped Out If It Uses Nuclear Weapons; Says EU

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said that Russian forces in Ukraine will be wiped out if it uses nuclear weapons in its war against Ukraine. While talking in Brussels that the west will respond with the same harshness to the Russian nukes. He stated this while talking to an audience in the European Diplomatic Academy.

Russian Nuclear Threats

Russian president Putin has multiple times mentioned that Russian nukes are on high alert since the invasion. Putin has even removed the non-nuclear status of its ally on Ukrainian borders, Belarus. Last month Belarusian Aircrafts were believed to be equipped with the capacity to carry nuclear weapons.

West Can’t Afford Bluffing

EU foreign policy chief said that we cannot afford bluffing about nuclear weapons. Any such aggression will be met with an answer ‘‘Not a nuclear answer, but such a powerful answer,’’ he said.

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