Biden Warns Saudi Kingdom Of Consequences After Oil Cuts

US President, Joe Biden visited the kingdom 2 months ago to talk about the increase in oil production. Saudi Arabia and the oil Cartel OPEC cut down the oil production despite Joe Biden’s insistence to increase the production to decrease oil.

The US Accuses Saudi

The OPEC consists of 13 oil-rich countries with Saudi Arabia being the top exporter in the cartel. US officials have accused Saudi Arabia of flirting with Russia amid its ongoing war in Ukraine. US and Western allies are trying to isolate Russia as much as possible for its brutal invasion. “There’s going to be some consequences for what they’ve done with Russia,” In an interview with CNN, US president Joe Biden, in response to the cuts in production, said.

The Kingdom Dismissed The Allegations

The kingdom in return argued that there’s no truth in what the US officials have said regarding the production cuts. The decision is solely economic rather than political, they said. The decision to cut oil production “was purely economic and was taken unanimously by the [OPEC’s] member states,” Prince Faisal, Saudi Foreign Minister said.

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