Ukraine Asks G7 For Air Defence Weapons

In retaliation to the collapse of an important bridge linking Russia to Crimea, Russia has been bombing major Ukrainian cities for the past 3 days. Ukrainian officials have called upon G7 countries to extend air defense systems that can intercept Russian rockets hitting Ukrainian civilians and energy infrastructure.

Number 1 Priority

In response to the Russian rocket attacks hitting important infrastructure, US president Joe Biden held a virtual meetup with its G7 members to discuss the regional situation. Ukrainian president Zelenskiy said the air defense system is his ‘‘Number 1 priority’’.

People take shelter inside a train station

More Russian Strikes

Russian officials have called for more attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure. Such attacks make life harsh for civilians as it restricts energy supply and electricity. “They’ve hit many yesterdays and they hit the same and new ones today,” Ukrainian deputy Interior Minister, Yevheniy Yenin said

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