Antibiotics-resistant Superbugs On Rise In India

A 2019 report mentioned that over 1.2 million people died worldwide due to bacteria resistant to drugs that are designed to kill them. India is currently facing the worst pandemic as more and more patients are admitted to hospitals.

What Is It?

It usually occurs when the drugs that are manufactured to treat and cure infections are no more useful in treating them. The pathogens responsible for the infections include E.coli or Escherichia coli normally found in the intestines of humans.

A bacteria known as klebsiella pneumoniae normally lives in the intestines but can cause problems once someone consumes contaminated food. Over time such bacteria have become resistant to the drugs used against them.

The Situation Is Desperate

The regional pandemic is on rising and is slowly taking its worst shape. “The situation is desperate, and desperate measures – ordering more and more antibiotics is likely to result in more harm than benefits,” Dr. Kalantri said in response to the difficult situation faced by thousands of people.

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