2 Brothers Reveal How Mushroom Cures Alzheimer’s Disease

Two brothers, Chris and Joe Claussen are on a mission to find out the possible cure of Alzheimer through mushrooms. Chris and Joe saw their grandfather and father died because of the same disease. They founded a company, First Person, focusing on supplements that enhance brain functioning.

(left to right) Chris and Joe Claussen

Brothers Are At Risk Too

The genetic testing of both brothers have shown that both brothers are at risk of the same disease they are trying to cure through the supplements. After genetic testing, the results revealed to them that they both carry a gene, APOE4, responsible for increasing chances of the disease.

Secret Behind Mushrooms

According to the brothers, mushrooms have been used in ancient times, particularly Asia, as a food. Mushrooms have strong ingredients that can lower the chances of stress and hormonal imbalance in the body. It helps ‘‘in supporting the body’s natural neural production of the dopamine, oxytocin, or GABA neurotransmitters,’’ First Person website mentions.

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