Failed Missile Launch Sparked Alarms In South Korea

Residents were shocked to hear the alarms after a missile exploded in the coastal city of Gangneung, South Korea. The explosion was heard far and wide among people living in the city. The incident happened in South Korea’s joint military drills with the United States in response to North Korea’s provocative behavior.

No Casualties Reported

According to the latest reports, there are no casualties in the missile incident that shocked the residents of the area. South Korea’s military confirmed the incident that one of its missiles failed to launch and crashed. 

Joint Military Drills

South Korea and the US have joined hands in conducting military exercises to show military power to neighboring nuclear-armed North Korea. The drills were initiated after a ballistic missile flew over Japan that landed in the sea. The US, Japan, and South Korea also conducted anti-submarine Naval exercises 2 weeks ago in response to North Korea’s aggressive behavior.

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