Scientific Research Reveals Impact Of Eating Disorders On Brain

Eating is the most important act, and if not done in proper balance, can come up with dangerous outcomes for the body, specifically the brain. Disordered eating can have significant impacts on the size and capacity of the human brain. 

The Impact

Neuroscientists from the UK analyzed 2000 brain scans and came to shocking conclusions. All those who participated either had eating disorders, recovering from eating disorders, or were healthy individuals.

Neuroscientists revealed that the brain sizes of those with eating disorders were considerably less in size as compared to those having other mental conditions.

A naturopathic physician Ralph Esposito said that those with eating disorders such as severe calorie restrictions can cause the brain size and nerve cells to shrink. 

Potential Treatment

The first step is seeking treatment as soon as possible. The patient has to go through stages of therapy and medications in order to make the body gain weight and recover quickly. 

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