Northeastern University Employee Staged Bomb Incident

According to the FBI, an employee has been arrested and charged in relation to an alleged explosion that occurred at Northeastern University last month.

The former New Technology Manager and Director of the Immersive Media Lab at Northeastern University, Jason Duhaime, 45, of Texas, was charged in the alleged explosion on September 13, according to the FBI on Tuesday.

Explosion At Northeastern University

On September 13, just before 7:20 p.m., Boston police responded to Holmes Hall at 39 Leon St. A Pelican-style case reportedly exploded when it was opened, according to a Northeastern University employee who was later identified as Duhaime.

The incident caused panic in the city and the campus to evacuate.

Investigators started to doubt Duhaime’s allegations shortly after the occurrence since no explosive material was discovered at the location inside Holmes Hall and the man’s wounds did not match those that would generally be sustained during an explosion.

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