NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Spots Foreign Object Debris on Mars

During Ingenuity Helicopter’s 33rd flight on Mars, its camera discovered a foreign object that it has not discovered before.

Foreign Object Debris On Mars

The Navcam (helicopter’s navigation camera) footage from the prior flight (32) did not show this foreign item debris. Up until about halfway through the footage, when it slid off the leg and floated back to the Martian surface, the FOD (foreign object debris) is visible in Flight 33 Navcam images.

No signs of vehicle damage can be seen in any of the data from the flight and a post-flight search and transfer, which are all normal.

A small piece of foreign object debris (FOD) is seen in this footage from the navigation camera of NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter during its 33rd flight on Mars on September 24, 2022. The FOD is seen attached to one of the rotorcraft’s landing legs (upper right part of the image), then drifting away.

The Mars 2020 Ingenuity and Perseverance teams are actively investigating the origin of the debris.

Ingenuity Helicopter Flight On Mars

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