This Bird Is The Fastest Animal In The World Now Beating The Cheetah

World has known ‘Cheetah’ as the world’s fastest animal. But a specific bird outnumbers Cheetah as being the world’s fastest animal on earth. The Peregrine falcon is considered to be the world’s fastest animal on the planet earth with a speed of more than 200 mph.

Longest Migration

The Peregrine falcon can migrate up to 15,550 miles, North America, which is one of the longest migration by any animal on planet earth. Peregrines hunt for their prey from extensively great heights. They attack their pray from air or from high perch. A study 2018 journal considered the Falcon as not just the fastest bird, but the fastest animal on planet earth. According to Guinness World Records, The Peregrine falcon’s speed can reach up to 242 mph.

The Reason Behind The Speed

Peregrine falcons have sharp wings like Airforce fighter jets. This specific shape helps Peregrines minimize the drag force they encounter while flying, which helps them fly really fast. The fighter jet like shape helps Peregrines “Reduce drag and help it drop like a bullet,” a zoologist and peregrine falcon researcher, Ed Drewitt said.

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