EU And NATO Angers At ‘‘Deliberate’’ Gas Leaks From Russia To Germany

Nord stream Gas pipelines faced unexpected gas leaks in the Baltic sea. From Russia to Germany, three separate leaks were reported in two giant gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea that raised concerns for the European Union, specifically Germany. Both streams, Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, faced an unexpected issue with the EU calling the disruption a ‘‘deliberate’’ effort from the Russian side. 

Gazprom Declined To Comment

The Russian state-owned company, Gazprom declined to comment on the situation after the issue was raised by the EU and NATO. The gas leaks were reported by Sweden and Denmark on Tuesday. Dmitry Peskov,  press secretary for Putin rejected the accusations as ‘‘Stupid’’ after being asked about the issue.

Ukraine Blames Russia

Top Ukrainian and Polish leaders blamed Moscow, accusing it of deliberately staging the gas leaks. Ukraine called the action “nothing more than a terrorist attack’’. Previously France blamed Russia for ‘‘weaponizing gas’’ amid the energy crisis in Europe.

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