Google To Launch Watch That Will Rival Apple Watch

A few weeks ago, Google announced their new hardware event taking place on October 6th and since then, we have seen a lot of leaks including a new Google Pixel Watch that is said to rival the Apple Watch.

Google Pixel Watch

From the leaks, we know the colors, price, box, and some other features of the Google Pixel Watch. But not everything is known yet about the software (and some hardware) features of the watch.

The price of the Google Pixel Watch will start at $349 for Wifi/Bluetooth version and go all the way up to $399 for the cellular version of the watch.

While the cellular version is available in Black/Obsidian, Silver/Charcoal, and Gold/Hazel, the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth model is only available in a Black case with an Obsidian band, Silver/Chalk, and Gold/Hazel.

The health monitoring capabilities of the Google Pixel Watch will likely be based on those offered by Fitbit devices, which Alphabet purchased in late 2019.

According to the leaks of the Google Pixel Watch box, it looks like Fitbit is a huge contributor.

The box looks different than the ones from Apple or Samsung for their watches. But like the Apple Watch, this watch will come unattached to its straps and include a magnetic charger that connects to the back of the watch.

Google Hardware Event

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