Scientists Discover New Cancer Treatment

University of Gothenburg Researchers have identified a procedure that was not known to scientists in the past which can be used to control cancer growth. The new research has hinted at the direction of possible new drugs with lesser side effects in near future.

About The Study

The study was published in the journal Nature Communications. The study focuses on the protein that binds the genetic material and controls the conditions that lead to tumor development. ‘‘The properties that promote tumor growth are neutralized, paving the way for the development of drugs,’’ says Chandrasekhar Kanduri, one of the research leaders behind the study. Drugs can be manufactured in the future to neutralize the effect of protein that promotes tumor growth.

Chandrasekhar Kanduri (Left) and Meena Kanduri (Right)

Fewer Side Effects

Drugs come with their own side effects. But a recent study shows that controlling the protein responsible for tumors can be done without posing any danger. ‘‘The mechanism has the potential to become a more attractive cancer treatment option, with fewer side effects,” says Meena Kanduri, Associate Professor of Molecular Medicine.

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