Android Copied iPhone’s Dynamic Island

It didn’t take long for Android to copy the iPhone’s hottest feature of the year, Dynamic Island. A new copycat app released on the Google Play store allows Android users to have a similar Dynamic Island feature as the iPhone.

Dynamic Island

Dynamic Island is a new feature only available on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

It is Apple’s new cut-out on the top of the iPhone to house the front-facing camera along with the Face ID sensors. But Apple wanted to take a step further.

Now this pill-shaped cutout can accommodate various types of alerts, notifications, and interactions, turning it into a kind of front-and-center information hub.

Android Dynamic Island Copy

The copycat app, called dynamicSpot, lets you have iPhone’s newest and hottest feature on your Android device.

The “mini multitasking feature” of Dynamic Island is made available to Android users through this app, according to the Google Play description, and it also makes it simpler for Android users to receive recent alerts or changes to their phone’s state.

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