You Should Charge Your Electric Car At Night

A new Stanford research states that you should not be charging your electric cars at night and doing so may be causing a problem.

Why You Should Not Charge Your Electric Cars At Night?

According to the researchers, drivers should switch to daytime charging at work or public charging stations, which would also cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, in order to lower the exorbitant costs of all that new capacity for generating and storing electricity.

This contradicts many states’ and cities’ policies like California that are asking drivers to charge at night when the electricity is not in peak hours.

California has recently decided to outlaw the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles and light trucks beginning in 2035. So it is more important now than ever to fix our charging times.

If current charging practices continue, more than 5.4 gigawatts of energy storage would be required if 50% of automobiles on the road in the Western U.S. – where approximately half the population resides in California – are powered by electricity.

That is equivalent to five big nuclear power reactors in terms of capacity. The amount of storage required for EVs would drop to 4.2 gigawatts with a significant shift toward charging at work rather than at home.

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