Police Arrest Hacker Responsible For GTA VI In The UK

A 17-year-old accused hacker has been arrested by UK police. According to reports, the arrest may be related to the Rockstar Games breach, which resulted in a significant Grand Theft Auto VI leak.

Arguably one of the largest leaks in video game history is the one involving GTA VI. One of the most eagerly awaited games out there, the hacker published a lot of test build footage over the weekend.

One of Lapsus$’s leaders is rumored to reside in Oxfordshire, where the 17-year-old was detained. Lapsus$ is known as an online hacking gang. They have hacked companies like Microsoft, Okta, and T-Mobile.

In March, BBC News claimed that researchers and hackers had discovered a 16-year-old Oxford student who may have turned a birthday since then as having connections to the gang.

Seven teens with apparent ties to Lapsus$ were detained by the City of London Police in the same month, however, it was unclear if the Oxford kid was one of them.

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